Ward Election News – Introduction


The candidates, the issues, the discussions…


John Dennis
Mike Bryan
Ann Suggit

Link to: Contact Your Councillors

Voting figures:

1,846  DENNIS – John Dennis Conservative
1,723  BRYAN – Mike Bryan Conservative
1,529  SUGGIT – Ann Suggit Independent
1,130  STOCKDALE – Brian Stockdale Labour
1,025  WILLIAMS – Carol Williams Labour
916     WATTS – Neil Watts Labour
656     SLOAN – Steve Sloan Liberal Democrat
619     SELKIRK – Janet Selkirk Liberal Democrat
568     LONSDALE – Adam Lonsdale Independent
507    WILSON – Ken Wilson Liberal Democrat

See Referendum Results 

Election News list:

  1. Holderness Election Results – HU12
  2. REFERENDUM RESULTS – Including from the East Riding, published 7th May
  3. Shock result as next Hedon Mayor loses seat – Hedon Blog, published 6th May
  4. The Election Story by Twitter! – Hedon Blog, published 6th May
  5. Preston Parish Council (North) Election results – HU12, published 6th May
  6. Some surprising results as Lib Dem vote collapses – HU12, published 6th May
  7. Conservatives John Dennis and Mike Bryan top South West Holderness poll – HU12, published 6th May
  8. Conservatives: Say they will manage cuts “in a controlled and compassionate way” – HU12, published 4th May
  9. Lib Dem attack on Tory Leadership at County Hall – HU12, published 2nd May
  10. Videos that explain AV v FPTP
  11. “Unfettered by petty politics” says Ann Suggit – HU12, published 28th April
  12. Ann Suggit has published her statement
  13. Ken Wilson has published his statement
  14. Thanks to our guest ‘bloggers’ – HU12, published 21st April
  15. See what the Referendum Campaigners have to say YES! to Fairer Votes by Hannah Arnold and NO to AV by Robert Goodwill MP
  16. Mike Bryan has published his statement
  17. Straw poll on voting intentions on AV Referendum
  18. “NO Coalition at County Hall” says Lib Dem leaflet – HU12, published 15th April
  19. Steve Sloan has published his statement
  20. Independent leaflet states Adam Lonsdale election priorities – published HU12, 14th April
  21. Adam Lonsdale has published his statement
  22. Victor explains the 5th May referendum
  23. John Dennis and Janet Selkirk have published their statements
  24. Ward Maps
  25. PRESS RELEASE – Electioneering for the Facebook Generation – Google Docs
  26. Conservatives start Elections leaflet campaign – published on HU12, 11th April
  27. Updated: Ward Election News
  28. Preston Parish Poll Contest on 5th May
  29. Hedon Town Council faces Election Competition
  30. Candidates – 10 candidates standing in South West Holderness
  31. Getting ready for Election 2011 news coverage on HU12
  32. Key election information from the East Riding Council
  33. Will new EYi Party stand in Holderness?
  34. Hedon Town Councillors to stand as Conservative candidates in East Riding elections
  35. Adam Lonsdale, 18, to stand as an independent
  36. East Yorkshire Independents Party to fight May 2011 council elections
Thursday 5th May 2011 is election day. Three Ward Councillors will be elected from South Holderness Ward to represent us on the East Riding Council. HU12 hopes to cover the election campaign in some detail and asks candidates and other campaigners to add hu12@gmx.com to their media e-mailing lists. You can also find our news on Twitter at hashtag #ERYC11.

For those candidates that wish to take up the offer, HU12 will publish on this website a statement from each about their campaign for election (up to 500 words). The public will also be able to ask questions of each candidate directly by posting comments under each candidate’s statement (this will be moderated so expect a delay in seeing the questions published).

HU12 will also be keeping a record of all leaflets delivered during the election campaign. NOTE: Where high-resolution easy-read copies of leaflets are available, you will be able to click on the leaflet and read it in full, otherwise they are stored here as a record only.

Of course it is up to candidates themselves whether or not they take advantage of this website service. From the HU12 perspective, this is not just about improving local election news coverage, but is also aimed at achieving greater transparency and accountability. The more information we get about our candidates, the easier it will be to hold those elected to account for their promises over the next four years.

Send your election news to hu12@gmx.com.

Background: Election 2007 Results

The same Thursday 5th May will see elections to Hedon Town Council, Paull and Preston Parish Councils. A Referendum on the voting system for United Kingdom parliamentary elections will also be held on the same day. Voters will be asked to state ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the following question:

At present, the UK uses the ‘first past the post’ system to elect MPs to the House of Commons. Should the ‘alternative vote’ system be used instead?

National Campaigns for each option have already started.



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    COMMENTS are closed here, but this is an example of the comments facility that is beneath every candidate’s statement.

    Simply complete your name and e-mail address and then type in your comment or question. Easy! 🙂